Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

TeleLinden goes Avination

The virtual world of Avination is one of the hottest alternatives to Second Life. Of course TeleLinden just had to be there and so we are proud to officially announce the launch of our pay-by-phone Cash Service for Avination's currency C$.

Everything works just as easy, fast and secure as in Second Life. So if you're in Avination and need some Care Coins (C$) just stop at the next Avination TeleLinden Terminal and refill your virtual wallet by placing some calls.

And if you are there for business reasons just teleport to TeleLinden island, grab some terminals and place them in your mall, club or just on your land. Residents can acquire Avination Coins quickly to buy on impulse and partners will receive a permanent commission for new users (and that's easy in Avination where everything is brand new).

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