Freitag, 29. April 2011

Terminal Reset

English: Dear TeleLinden partners, as you know many TeleLinden terminals in Second Life are offline. In order to restart your terminals all scripts inside the terminals have to be reset. Here is the easiest way is to do this: Copy the terminal from where it stands and delete the old one (this is the one that was dragged away). Here is a little film that shows how to do it.

Deutsch: Sehr geehrte TeleLinden Partner, wie sie wissen sind derzeit viele TeleLinden Terminals in Second Life offline. Um sie wieder zu starten, müssen die Skripte im Terminal resettet werden. Am Einfachsten geht es so: Man kopiert das Terminal von der Stelle, wo es steht und löscht das alte Terminal (das ist das Terminal, das zum Kopieren weggezogen wurde). Hier ist ein kleiner Film, der zeigt, wie das geht.

Video link:

Problems with TeleLinden Terminals in Second Life

English: At the moment many TeleLinden terminals are offline because of LSL software problems. This affects only Second Life, not Avination. We are working on a solution to bring them back online soon. Customer from Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and Spain who know their national number and personal TeleLinden Code can still call for Linden Dollars.

Deutsch: Aufgrund eines Softwareproblems mit LSL sind viele TeleLinden Terminals im Moment abgeschaltet. Das betrifft nur Second Life, nicht Avination. Wir arbeiten an einer Lösung um die Terminals bald wieder funktionsfähig zu haben. Kunden aus Deutschland, Großbritannien, Österreich, der Schweiz und Spanien, die ihre lokale Nummer und ihren persönlichen TeleLinden Code kennen, können den TeleLinden Dienst problemlos weiterbenutzen.

Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Avination: Partner please update to a11

English: Some terminals show unexpected behaviour here in Avination. We had to re-rewrite some parts of the software. Please update your terminals to version v2.1.4.a11 or higher.
Please excuse the inconvenience.

Deutsch: Einige Terminals zeigen ein unerwartetes Verhalten in Avination. Wir haben mal wieder die Software umschreiben müssen. Bitte updatet die Terminals auf Version v2.1.4.a11 oder neuer.
Wir bitten die Probleme zu entschuldigen.

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Welcome, Welkom, Bem-vindo, Bienvenue

TeleLinden is available in four additional countries. You can buy Linden Dollars and Avination Coins now in Australia, Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium, too.

More countries will follow, we finally plan global coverage (including USA and Brasil).

TeleLinden goes Avination

The virtual world of Avination is one of the hottest alternatives to Second Life. Of course TeleLinden just had to be there and so we are proud to officially announce the launch of our pay-by-phone Cash Service for Avination's currency C$.

Everything works just as easy, fast and secure as in Second Life. So if you're in Avination and need some Care Coins (C$) just stop at the next Avination TeleLinden Terminal and refill your virtual wallet by placing some calls.

And if you are there for business reasons just teleport to TeleLinden island, grab some terminals and place them in your mall, club or just on your land. Residents can acquire Avination Coins quickly to buy on impulse and partners will receive a permanent commission for new users (and that's easy in Avination where everything is brand new).