Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2008

September 2008 statistics

Folks, here are the numbers for September 2008. While we did not reach the revenue level of last month, we were able to win many new customers. Thank you all.

  • 16,975 people used TeleLinden terminals
  • 4,575 TeleLinden terminals have been placed and used (about 340 are active)
  • 5,781,800 Linden Dollars payed to callers
  • 243,030 Linden Dollar payed to partners/affiliates
    • The most successful affiliate received commissions totaling 32,090 Linden Dollars
To make life of TeleLinden partners a little bit easier we have provided a simple "partner statistics" page. To access this page you have to add YOUR 6-digit Telelinden code to this URL "" (e.g. If you don't remember your code just use one of your TLCS terminals.

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