Freitag, 5. Oktober 2007

Provisionsdiebstal bei TeleLinden Terminals

Wir bitten alle unsere Partner die Ownership ihrer Terminals zu prüfen. Es könnte sein, dass ein Betrüger eigene Terminals kaum sichtbar vor Ihren Terminals gestellt hat und sich dieser nun die Provisionen erschleicht.

We ask all our partners to check ownership of all their TeleLinden ATMs. There have been reports that a frauster places her own ATM right over other peoples ATMs and so gets the provision for the TeleLinden customers.

TLCS - Dealing with Griefers

It was brought to our attention that TeleLinden ATMs are being obstructed.
Here are a few tips on how to deal with such incidents:

1. Stay calm, don't get upset, and don't get into verbal battles with the griefer. Bad for your health ;)
2. File an Abuse Report to Linden Labs on the griefer (via right click >> more >> more >> Report Abuse), preferrably with a screenshot and as much details as you can supply.
3. If you own the land, eject and ban the griefer from your land and delete all his/her/its objects.
4. If you rent the land, report the incident to your landlady/-lord. Most land owners are quick in response and will ban all griefers without delay - it's in their own best interest too.
5. Send a report to Lislo Mensing (TeleLinden owner) as well. So we can take appropriate actions as well.

When more people file Abuse Reports on the same griefer for similar incidents, the griefer will soon find him-/her-/itself banned from SL permanently. Linden Lab doesn't have time anymore for lengthy discussions or probation and rehabilitation. The griefer will loose his/her/its L$ balance, inventory, land, and everything else that goes with the account.

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